Strong Proof of Reincarnation: A Child’s Past Life

Only a pinch of the population believes in reincarnation. If you are not one of them, your belief might be changed after you read the story of a young boy who remembers his past life.

James Leininger

James Leininger fascinated with aircrafts.

James Huston, Jr.

James Huston, Jr. reincarnated in the body of a little boy names, James Leininger.

James Leininger started to have nightmares of a burning, crashing Word War II aircraft acting like he was inside trying to get out of the devastated jet. His parents became concerned of the two-year old when the same stories continued to come back at night four to five times a week. His mother would rush to his room and help the struggling kid. “Airplance crash! Plane on fire! Little man can’t get out”, James exclaimed. When asked who was the little man, James would answer “Me!”. When asked who shot his aircraft, James would answer “The Japenese!”. When asked how he knew they were the Japanese, James would answer “The big red sun!”.

James’ parents, Bruce and Andrea, knew that their son would not knew these facts in usual means. Impressed of their son’s amazing knowledge, though they are Christians, started to research the possibility of James’ past life. They started by asking their son more detailed information every time the nightmare would come back. He said his name is James and he has a friend named Jack and that the plane he flew took off from a boat named Natoma.

Bruce diligently searched and found out that there really was a Word War II aircraft carrier named Natoma Bay. Bruce and James shared, one day, on a book Bruce got. They came to a page showing the Battle of Iwo Jima. The young James upon seeing the photo exclaimed that it was there that his plane was shot down.

At the reunion of the Natoma bay crew, Bruce took himself in and gathered some facts of the war. Indeed, he found out that there were 18 pilots who died and one was named James Huston Jr who has a friend named Jack Larson. Bruce then started to believe that his son is a reincarnation of someone from the past.

On his continued research, Bruce found out that the adult James has a living sister Anne. He called the 84-year old woman and let the young James talk to her. For authenticity, James told Anne some facts that’s impossible for the kid to know. An example is that Anne was called Annie by James, and that they have a sister named Ruth who is a society columnist, and that their father is a drunkard. Remarkable specific realities were told. Anne was satisfied that her brother was re-birthed in the body of the little boy, and so as Bruce and Andrea.

This reality is a clear, strong proof that reincarnation is a bright possibility.


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