Sun Switches Its Poles: Dangers Seen?

Illustration of Flipping of Sun's Magnetic Field

The Sun’s Magnetic Field is About to Flip in four months.

The sun is set to flip its poles into reverse positions: the north will be on the south, and the south will be on the top. This is as reported by NASA in their post in their official site. The magnetic fields of the sun will be gradually shifting in three to four months.

Is this natural?

Yes. It is evident that this phenomenon is part of the solar cycle and happens during its peak. The cycle that happens today is the Solar Cycle 24. You may find more information in Solar Cycle 24 site. A solar cycle or also called solar magnetic activity cycle is the periodic change of the sun’s activity including change of appearance. It happens in an average duration of 11 years. Solar Cycle 24 has started in 2008 and may last until 2019. According to Phil Scherrer, the north pole is already showing signs and the south is catching up. There is still no clear stand on what causes solar cycles, the reason is still debatable.

Any danger?

Since the sun is unstable during these times, it will cause harmful effects to the earth. The major effects are the change in weather and climate on earth. These will become varied during these times. Another is the change in space weather. Cosmic rays, which are high-energy particles ejected from supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy, will be emitted. These will have harmful effects to the astronauts in space as well as the space stations. Some communication to them might be interrupted or cut possibly.


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