Near-Death Experience

Near-death experience is an experience told by people who were almost dead or were dead but brought back to life. These people experienced that they saw their spirits separated from their bodies, feeling of levitation, and presence of light. Before they were dead, someone so bright told them at it’s not yet time, or they slipped while walking on a tunnel, or they tried everything to get back to life. Some even knew what were the reasons why they were dead for few minutes.

Historically, death is defined as the stopping of blood circulation. But this is proven to be irreversible by some ways like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Since this subject is an intriguing investigation, science published a study proving medical explanation on near-death experience.

Stories of Near-Death Experience

I have known someone way back in high school who experienced near-death. He caught an accident one day. He was pronounced dead few minutes after he reached the hospital. But ten minutes after the declaration, he was suddenly brought to life back.

Iterating what happened to him, he felt so light, as if he was on zero gravity zone. He saw a tunnel and saw a welcoming, calm light in the very end. He realized he was dead. Because he thought the light is the way back to life, he ran as fast as he could. He could feel his sweat flowing on his face and his tears flowing on his cheeks. Before reaching the luminous place, he suddenly slipped and fell back to life.

Scientific Explanation

In an study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences involving rats, it has been proven that after hearts stopped, the brain will still show 30 seconds of surge of brain activity. This is the time when a person is pronounced clinically dead, a state when blood stops flowing and breathing stops. The experiment was proven using electroencephalograms (EEG), a device which tells if there are activities in the brain. Since there are similarities in animals and with humans, it is further explained that the same happens with humans. David McGoningle, a lecturer at Cardiff University, stated that near-death experiences are just experiences. And if one believes in it, there probably be a lab of mice in the afterlife as well.


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