Nearsightedness vs. Farsightedness: The Big Difference

Probably you would wonder how some of your friends might act in relation to vision. Your pal might read the newspaper on arm length. He will settle the paper far from him so he can read clearly. However, your lady friend might have a different case. She might read a book three-inches from her eyes. So close that you think you could become a squint-eyed if you would do the same.

These are vision defects that are correctable. Let’s try to see what’s the difference between the two.


Scientifically, nearsightedness is called myopia. It is a condition when someone sees objects clearly when they are near him but vaguely when the objects are far. Some people with this vision sits nearly a TV screen and can see street signs but blurry. Though there is no known way to prevent nearsightedness, this can be corrected using eyeglasses, contact lenses (when your optometrist see it fit), and refractive surgery. Concave lenses can be fit.


Farsightedness or Hyperopia

Farsightedness or Hyperopia
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Farsightedness is a condition when a person is able to see far away objects well but not on close objects. This is called hyperopia. People in this condition see blurred images when close to it. In severe cases in children, they are not able to see objects in detail and may eventually lead to another problem. Persons experiencing farsightedness stand far away from objects to see them clearly. Like nearsightedness, hyperopia can be corrected through eyeglasses and contact lenses. This time, they should be convex. Refractive surgery can treat farsightedness as well.


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