Importance of Sibling’s Birth Order

You will probably deal with a lot of complicated situation when you have more than one sibling in your family than if you are an only child. Because you are more, each member will drive an important role in the family and should not be taken for granted. Let’s get a picture of what these are.

Try to focus on which order you belong and tell me if I’m wrong with my descriptions.

Eldest Child

Of course, the first always gets the first attention especially if the second comes after a long gap. The eldest, when he is still the only one, gets almost what he wants and what his parents want to give him. He gets the most expensive milk, brand new shirts and shoes, and most of all, the everlasting love of his parents. But when the second child is born, his parents gradually divide the attention. Because he is used to it, he will feel he is being loved lesser. And being the oldest, he learns to listen and understand.

Because he is the first, he will become a primer of the family. His father and mother expect a lot from him. They want him to finish the studies with flying colors so he can get a job with high salary and eventually help the family. He is always referred to as a model to his younger siblings. So, he should be wary of his actions and treatments to each of his bro’s and sis’. He also earns the biggest respect from the young ones. In other words, he has the biggest responsibility.

Middle Child

The middle child gets the next attention. But because the family is now growing, his parents utilize what resources are available. That is why he gets the unfit used clothes of his elder siblings. He also gets the less expensive things than what his younger brother or sister had when they were young. In extreme cases, he even needs to give up or delay his education just to let the first person finish.

As the middle, he serves as the mediator. He acts as the news anchor of the older brother or sister to the younger siblings or even to the whole family. When not home, his older brother asks updates of the family from the middle child as well. And most of the time, he is the favorite sibling of the eldest. When the eldest fails his mission, the middle child is always next in command.

Last Child

Because the last child is always the last one to move out from the house, the love of his parents is always attracted to him. He gets the outpouring attention and gets the best things ever. And because he is the last child, he is sometimes regarded to as a baby boy or a cute little baby girl even in his teenage period.

As the saying goes: “Too much is bad enough”, the last child sometimes becomes the spoiled one. He counters everytime he doesn’t get what he wanted. He even starts not to talk to his parents when he becomes disappointed of them. But if the attention is just exactly enough, he will become the sweetest member of the family.

Are you the eldest, middle or the last child? Well, whichever siblings order you are, tell me if I’m wrong about anything in this article.


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