Live Murder Discovered in Google Maps

Take a look first in the picture above and ponder on it for a while. Think. Think. Think. To have a closer look, click on View Larger Map link to go to Google Maps and see it personally there.

Is this a bloody man dragged and stationed to be dumped into the Dutch canal?

At first look, anybody would really notice that someone is dragged and blood is shed to the way. Two man are involved in this murderous Google maps coordinate at first sight. The first man is leaning on the fence on the wooden platform above the waters. The second is lying on the floor like a corpse.

Theories on the image

The first theory is that the image portrays a real murder. In just one look, this would be the theory that you first look at. It seems someone is cooling off before eventually dumping the dead body to the lake.

The second theory is that a bloody dog was swimming on the waters who has made its way to the platform. After it reached the area, it walked towards the end of the shore and forth. Lastly, it laid back to the wooden floor bathing on its own blood.


I have searched the internet on the truths regarding the reality of this image. But, no luck. To me, it seemed it is really a real murder. However, I don’t have any facts to prove.

If you have found some, please share here by putting it in the comments below.


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