Cosplayer: Men Turned Cartoons and Cartoons Turned Men

Cosplayer Hatsune Miku

Cosplayer Hatsune Miku

Noticed those flawless skinned anime characters in your favorite manga series like Amuro Rei of Gundam, or Bayonetta, or Cloud in Final Fantasy. How about the trio rocket team of Pokemon? They are all anime characters. But not anymore with Cosplays birth.


Cosplay which is short for “costume play” is a way of replicating an anime character through the use of costumes portrayed by the character. The costumes should be almost alike or 100% alike with the ones used in the anime. Aside from the costume, the person himself should compose the same physical figure with the comical to reproduce the cartoon to a live human being.

Cosplay is usually a competition done in a cosplay event organized by avid fans. Some are done during parties. In the event, cosplayers will display their wit in copying the anime character they choose. Most of the times, they even need to do a short role play that depicts the character in the actual manga version. The best cosplayer in terms of physical apperance, costume, body language and all, wins.

Cosplay characters are most of the times either of the following: manga, anime, comic books, video games and cartoon films. Most cosplayers select the characters are most popular, most attractive, and have revealing, enticing costumes.


There are two of the most famous cosplay cultures. In Asia, cosplay is influenced by the Japanese. Because Japanese are most popular when it comes to comics, most of cosplayers are characters of Japanese manga or anime. Japanese cosplayers in Japan call theirselves as reiya (or layer). The most favorite cosplayers in Japan are in the character of Hatsune Miku (featured photo in this article), Rurouni Kenshin, and Akari Akaza.

The second is the Western Anime culture. Americans are the originator of this hobby though only Japanese coined the term cosplay. The westerners are more of heroic types of anime like Batman, Superman and Ironman. They also use Japanese manga like Sailor Moon or Pokemon.


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