Coup d’etat Forces Civil War

Civil War Canon

Civil War Canon

Yes. You read it right. Coup d’etat can erupt a civil war. By history, this kind of war can produce tens of corpses or a big fatality of the whole number of population in a nation where same race fight against each other.

You will appreciate so much of how can a coup d’etat evolve into a civil war if we define first what a coup d’etat is.

What is coup d’etat?

Coup d’etat [pronounced ‘ku deta’] is a French word which means a “blow against the state”. Technically, coup d’etat is an illegal sudden demolition of the legitimate government forcedly to recreate the government or give birth to a new government. This is usually led by strong small groups of big persona or the military itself.

Coup d’etat is usually plotted by people who disagrees how the state is run and knows that the government is doing everything wrongly. In order to revive order, they are left with a choice only to depose the current government. Some attempts are made by people who wanted to lead the nation for their personal interests such as greed of power, wealth.

Any coup d’etat, even it’s a failed attempt or a successful one, will make rise to a civil war as a consequence. This is because of the division of state between the supporters of the government and the ones who plotted the coup d’etat.

Coup d’etat History

In 1979, coup d’etat has erupted in Iran called the Islamic revolution calling the monarchy (Pahlavi dynasty) to step down and replaced by an Islamic Republic. The Iranian Revolution (another name for Islamic revolution) led to 8, 000 casualties. Another coup d’etat is the Czech coup in 1948 which was led by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The coup’s reason though was to promulgate a state wherein democracy is exercised. A free election was then held during the post war.

The most recent coup d’etat is the one that is happening right now in Egypt after reigning President Mohamed Morsi was ejected by General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi during the first year anniversary of Morsi as President. The clash between pro and anti Morsi has claimed more or less 100 persons per day and the rising number of injuries is always there.

Coup d’etat Resolutions

The history brings various resolutions of coup d’etat. An example is the Orange Revolution in Ukraine which resulted to a re-election which eventually ousted the reigning leaders. Another resolution is using peaceful treaty or signing of acts between both parties. This resolution was used during Nazi revolution in Germany. Another strategy is that the government seeks help from ally countries like the Philippines seeking help from United States of America during 1989 Philippine coup attempt when Corazon Aquino was president. This is usually the case when the government has proved that its system is purely for the good of the people.

Some proactive governments, when they sense that a coup d’etat is impending, they usually take hold of military and make it stronger. Sometimes, they even seek for help from ally countries by inviting them to help patrolling the nation as necessary under mutual agreements.

Coup d’etat can happen anytime unless there are no more people that are greedy of power and wealth and who don’t mind how many lives will be lost if they do. Only then will coup d’etat cannot happen and civil wars cannot resurface.


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