What is in the center of the Milky Way?

One thing is for sure. That no earthly device has ever reached the eye of the milky way. However, with the aid of astronomical telescopes, evidences later emerged what could really be at the milky way’s galactic center.

Milky Way Composition

The milky way is the galaxy where our solar system is found. The milky way has disc-shaped figure where a glowing band makes it hard to distinguish which is which star. This barred spiral galaxy has dusty characteristics as well making it even difficult to explore the whole of it while on a very distant planet like earth.

You will easily find the milky way from the inside the earth by gazing the clear night sky. Try to find the portion where there are many stars that vary in sizes and that a vague light clouds encompass around it. This cloud called interstellar dust makes it impossible to see – via naked eye – lots of distant stars that lie behind it.

What is in the center of the milky way?

Since the milky way is spiral, there really is a center of it. What is indeed inside the milky way is still a debatable topic.

The center of the milky way which is known as Galactic center is marked by an intense radio source named Sagittarius A*. This intense force eats massive, compact objects around it and thus suggesting that the galactic center is a seriously super massive black hole. Evidences show that the milky way’s center eats very large objects.

A new discovery in August 2013 unleashed that a strange, pulsing, odd star lies around this giant black hole. This is a very great opportunity for scientists and astronomers to study how the super massive black hole at the center of the milky way devours things and indeed how black holes behave.


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