God’s Not Dead 2013 Movie

God's not dead 2013 movie: Josh Wheaton appears before the court VS Mr. Radisson (his philosophy professor).

God’s not dead 2013 movie: Josh Wheaton appears before the court VS Mr. Radisson (his philosophy professor).

Do you believe that there is a God and He is living with us?

Reality Check

Well, imagine a world when the whole population is covered with atheists, non-believers of the Divine Creator. In the age when you speak about believing in Him, everybody would turn to you and slap your face with bountiful reasons why you should not believe. Else, you will be heavily bombarded with questions that sometimes would let you fall to prey and believe that there really is no God. Not even your friends would be with you to support you in this harsh endeavor.

You would not believe but study shows that the fastest growing segment of belief among the young is atheism. This is according to an article published by Newsweek in 2012.

God’s Not Dead 2013 Movie Overview

God’s Not Dead movie is about a youngster who is definite that there is a God. And that God will be with him all the way to defend his faith and that he is not alone in this battle. His name is Josh Wheaton (starred by Shane Harper) whose faith is challenged by his Philosophy Professor Mr. Radisson.

Mr. Radisson’s point is that there is no such thing as an existing God. Wheaton disagrees to his professor. At the height of the argument, Wheaton is challenged by Mr. Radisson to appear before a university trial court and defend his claim. His argument defends that “God’s not dead”.

Wheaton will present evidences of the statement but will always be counter-attacked by his skillful philosophy professor. But Wheaton will defend until the end.

Watch the official trailer of God’s Not Dead 2013 movie in YouTube. The movie will be released in theaters on November 2013.

Find the official website of the movie here.



  1. I love the Newsboys song. I am currently making a video with my boy with that song. I can wait to see the moviee

  2. First of all top prove God is not dead you have to prove he exists and the Holy Bible does not count, anyone can write words and claim them as God’s. What does God look like? How does God smell, etc. No one knows this or can prove this.

    Even in the Ten Commandments God said that no man shall make a graven image of thy Lord God but there are countless pictures and statues of God or Jesus for those who believe he is God. All Atheists want is evidence, what is wrong with that. If you are a Christian how come you get upset by these Atheists?

    Maybe they are here to test your faith in God. What I saw in the trailer was on both sides there is no such thing as tolerance. God may have given free will to all but Christians always seem to forget that when it comes to the non-believers. I believe in God, I just don’t believe in organized religion but I liked your article anyway! Have a great day.

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