Is Snow in the Philippines Possible?

Snow in the Philippines 2013

Snow in the Philippines 2013

The news may have reached your doorsteps already. That a tropical country specifically the Philippines in Asia has recorded it’s first snow experience this year, 2013. This is after a YouTube video was uploaded showing snow in the archipelago. Unbelievable, the video shows Mindanao, the southernmost part of the country, the point nearer to the equator, is the place where the snow happened.

This was determined later by PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical Services Administration) as a hoax, not true, fake.

When snow is possible?

Snow is a granular, powdery, light, fluffy ice formed after falling as a tiny droplet of water and encountering cold air thereby freezing it. But enough coldness should be present in order for the droplets to eventually turn into snow.

Snow is natural in the upper and lower parts of the earth where coldness is guaranteed. This is the same in places where the four seasons are experienced.

Is snow in the Philippines possible?

According to PAGASA and obviously, it is not possible for the Philippines to experience snow. But in some circumstances, ice (real ice) could fall from the sky in the form of hailstones. Hailstones are ice pellets that land to the ground same as snow. But hailstones are formed within thunderstorms as they are produced in cumulonimbus clouds. An example is the event in Quezon City, a neighboring city of the capital city of the Philippines, last April 2013.

However, hailstones are somewhat dangerous. The residents were even advised to stay in their homes until hailstones stop coming. This is because hailstones are solid, more likely, ice and can hurt anything it would fall upon.

If snow in the Philippines has really happened, there could have been a big feast celebrating the first ever-recorded snowfall in the Philippines. However, if that happen, it could be a large effect of climate change. So better pray it won’t happen. Anyway, Filipinos can still experience it in other countries where snow is naturally experienced.


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