Deja Vu: Your Prophetic Ability

Deja Vu

Deja Vu

You might not have third-eye to see unnatural objects or levitation skills to fly a spoon or chair. But you might have Deja Vu, an experience most person encounter than the other extra-sensory perceptions.

Deja Vu is a state when you feel that what you experience now has somewhat happened in the past already. It is like sitting on a chair with three friends and talking on something. While getting the cup of drink from the table at the center, you realize that the scene is an exactly same image of a memory.

Edward B. Tichener, a psychologist, published his book A Textbook of Psychology explaining the cause of Deja Vu. It is because you have a brief glimpse of an object or situation before your brain completes a full conscious perception of the experience. That is why, “it just seems” you have experience it.

There are some movies that portray examples of Deja Vu. One is the famous Pee Mak movie in Thailand when one character dreamt of an incomplete situation but the whole scene happened after he woke up. Another example is what happened to Neo in The Matrix movie after seeing a black cat. Then and there he knew that something in the matrix was altered.

Thus, deja vu can also be used to formulate series of actions after sensing of a deja vu especially if danger is seen. The experience might not be complete, but the next events can be guessed already.


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