Improve You Immune System with Black Banana

banana with dark patches

banana with dark patches

Are you a banana-eater? How do you select which banana to pick from the serving before going back to your seat and eat it? Is it the ripe yellow one with mestiza skin? Or the ripe banana with few green patches? Else, the yellow banana with few black patches on it? If you have tumor or cancer, you might want to select carefully next time and pick the latter.

According to a study done by the Japanese Scientific Research, ripe bananas with dark patches cannot be taken away from the serving table. This is because of the special nutrients that can be found on it.

It is a fact that as a fruit ripens, its level of nutrients changes. In this case, which is banana, as the banana ripens and turns yellow, the level of antioxidants increases. These antioxidants protect our body from cancer, heart disease, and fighting tumors.

These are even higher in ripe yellow banana with dark spots on the skin. Because they contain Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF-a), the fruit combats abnormal cells in the body and fights against foreign undesired agents in it. Hence, they fight tumor or cancer even before they occur. The research, moreover, proved that the more dark patches on the banana is, the greater its TNF-a induction capability.

However, it is evident as well that when ripe bananas start to have dark spots, starch content changes to simple sugar. This results to easier digestion to glucose deposits which is bad for persons with diabetes. So it’s better that diabetic persons take only the ripe yellow ones. Make sure to take note of that.

For the rest, be careful enough to select the banana with dark patches next time. But make sure to avoid over-ripe bananas that turn brown or have some split-opens on the skin.

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