Second Largest Volcano in the Solar System is On Earth!

Undersea Volcano Erupts with explosions on the ocean surface

Undersea Volcano Erupts with explosions on the ocean surface

Confirmed! The biggest volcano ever discovered in the solar system is in our home planet, Earth. The volcano, tagged a monster volcano, is the Tammu Massif named after Texas A&M University.

Where on Earth? 

The monster Tammu Massif volcano is found in 1600 kilometers east of Japan in the Shatsky Rise and is lurking in our dear Pacific Ocean. It was initially dubbed to be a group of volcano in a mountain range form. However, after a latest study, it has been found out that the group of volcano is only a single but large destroyer. The announcement was made last September 5, 2013.

How Enormous? 

Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the largest active volcano on Earth, is incomparable with Tammu Massif when it comes to size. The rounded volcano expands from 450 to 650 kilometers. Its summit lies 6, 500 ft. below the ocean surface and the base extends to 6 kilometers deep. The volcano has a towering height of 14, 400 ft. Overall, it claims 310, 000 square kilometers making it equal to the area of Britain and Ireland when combined.

Danger when the Volcano Erupts

According to the reports, the volcano is already a million years old with its last eruption time during the Cretaceous Period or about 145-65 million years ago. Likely, the volcano is already inactive so there is no imminent danger seen.


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