Electrocution on Wires Ineffective on Birds

Are you jealous of the birds walking on the active wires on the electric posts on the road? Do you wonder what are on birds that prevent them from being electrocuted? Or have you thought that those wires can’t get you electrocuted just as what birds do?

Wires on Electric Posts

The electric posts you see on the roads are called utility posts. These utility posts has two types of power lines: the distribution lines and subtransmission lines.  The distribution lines have powers coming for electric substations to the community while subtransmission lines tap distribution lines to the homes or a smaller community. The former power line can distribute at most 115kV more than enough to toast a human. Both carry electricity and can electrocute anything conductor.

Birds on High Voltage Wires

While a bird is on a wire, the bird’s body becomes charge for a moment. But no current is flowing in its body. Because the body is poor conductor than the copper wire, the electricity just ignores the bird. This is why a bird on a wire is not electrocuted.

The ground, which is an area where there is no voltage, is a good conductor. When the bird mistakenly touches the ground, the bird will automatically lose its life. It is because the circuit is completed.

So, if you want to experiment, you can always suspend yourself to a high-voltage wire. Just see to it that you won’t touch a ground. Else, don’t experiment.


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