Don’t Go to the Bermuda Triangle

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle were unusual disappearances occur.

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle were unusual disappearances occur.
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Several incidents claimed that anyone who passed by the Bermuda Triangle was the last time he was seen. The popular Bermuda Triangle still left mysteries unsolved of these unusual disappearances first reported in 1950. This resulted to dub it as the Devil’s Triangle by Richard Winer in 1974.

The Bermuda Triangle is a body of water composed by an imaginary triangle with its vertices in Miami, Florida; in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and in the island of Bermuda as shown in the figure above. It was in 1964 by Argosy magazine that the boundaries were lined. But the body of water is not listed in the US Navy and not even recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names.

Not only ships or small water vessels were reported to disappear in the Devil’s Triangle. It included aircraft as well. This, however, does not prevent the state to disallow trips to cross the triangle. It is because no incidents prove that the claim is true.


Records of Incidents

USS Cyclops

The crew of 309 members disappeared together with USS Cyclops in March 4, 1918, an incident that claimed lives of many navy in a non-war occurrence in the history of USA. The cargo ships were carrying manganese ore when they last sailed. Though there were no strong evidence, the most likely cause of the sinking is overloading.

Flight 19

Flight 19 was a group of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared unusually in the waters of the Bermuda in December 5, 1945. Some 14 airmen were lost including 13 crew members of PBM Mariner flying boat.


The Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis is a long-living legend. But since the legend says that Atlantis is a city with very high technology, the suspect could be the Atlantis.

Strong Gravity

Some speculations say that there could be a random very strong gravity in the Bermuda Triangle that pulls anything on its way down to the seabed. This is the reason why aircraft are even affected. The strong gravity could take control of the engines that not even strong ones can resist.


The strongest of all the theories say that the disappearances are not unusual as oppose to the claims. They were really just tragedies on seas that nobody expects to happen. This includes interference of bad weather, machine trouble, and recklessness. Unsurprisingly, this might even be the same scenario with other parts of the world other than the Bermuda Triangle.


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