Quick Notes! Confused? How to Choose?

This is a topic that is a usual question to a growing man but is always been the most difficult to answer. This is when you are torn between choices and you know you could only have one and should let go of the other. This does not happen ones in our entire life, but many times.

Just few minutes ago, I was listening to a famous radio station on their “life advises portion”. The person who wanted to seek for advise has an issue that goes like this:

The guy who wanted to seek for advise has a girlfriend long before for one year. But they separated because the girl fell in love with someone else while away. For the guy to move on faster, he courted another girl whom he had no feelings at first. However, he gradually developed feelings for the girl. After several months, the now ex-girlfriend came back and wanted to get the guy back. The question of the guy is “Who among the two will I choose?”

At first, you would really say that he should choose the current girlfriend.

However, one adviser called and wanted to give a good advise. He advised to use “toss coin”. Yes! Tossing of coin. He thought tossing a coin would help the confused lad. I was astonished how on the earth would it be helpful? He said:

He gets a coin and assigns his ex-girlfriend to the head probably and the current girlfriend to the tail. Like any other tossing of coin, he tosses it but he can proceed without waiting for the results. Of course he will know the results, but he should not depend on it. He already know the answer to his confusing question even before the coin touched the surface. The person assigned to the face of the coin which he hoped to face up is the answer. Your desire depends on what you hope for. 

Crazy indeed! But he has the point. He added that he got it from a book that he read but unfortunately, he did not share the title. I also tried to search the web on which book could it be. But, I couldn’t find the title. Apologies Exweirdos, we both don’t know the title. Anyone who knows might want to share using the boxes below. 🙂


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