Control Your Dreams 101

When I was still in my elementary years, nightmares used to visit me at night. These dreams included witches, ghosts, all unexpected events. They are haunting me almost twice a week. I even cry while sleeping and my mother would wake me up to stop it. One dream was about running away from something I did not see in my dream. And I used to wake up tired and catching up my breath. I am the very fearful type when I was young. I am afraid of the dark. And I am afraid walking alone at night. But I discovered something that let me enjoy my dreams instead of fearing them. This is what I call controlling your dreams. But scientifically, it is called the lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize that your dream is indeed a dream and is not real.  The dream itself is your unconscious mind developing a vivid memory. When realizing it is only your unconscious mind that’s working, you become aware and thus makes you conscious but you are still asleep. According to Aristotle, a famous philosopher, “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream”.

Since you are aware that it is indeed only a dream, you can take over and control your dream environment. This means instead of you running in your dreams, you can control it so you could fly instead of running. Or instead of seeing a witch, you could see a playful McDonald’s mascot.

How to Control Your Dreams? 

Though this could be more advantageous to people having nightmares, you can still use this technique to make your dreams playful and enjoyable.

Think of something crazy before you sleep until you fall asleep. I do this so I can assure that a dream could emerge in between my sleeping time. Good if you really have dreams at night. However, if you don’t, you can use this method.

Now, this is the most important part of your dreaming time so you can control it. Once you have this dream, convince yourself that this is not real but a dream only. You can have plenty of ways to do this. In your dream, try to become the observer. With observer, I meant, was to observe the venue, is this a place I’ve been to before? Or look at the persons, are they real? How about the time, is it a logical time? How about the images, are they vivid or clear? When you get an answer to at least one of these questions, you know it is a dream. So, convince yourself that before your dream took place, you were ready to bed and imagining something.

Since you are already aware, take control. Switch yourself from being the observer to being the director. It is your mind working, and you have full control of your mind. Do it as much as you like. Enjoy and have a wonderful dream.

Try it tonight! And tell me if it’s effective.


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