Quick Notes: Google Science Fair 2013 Announced

Google Science Fair 2013 Winners

Google Science Fair 2013 Winners
Photo Credit: https://www.googlesciencefair.com/en/2013/

Yesterday, September 24, 2013, Google Science Fair 2013 winners were declared. Let us get to know them one by one.


Eric Chen (17 yrs. old) USA

Project: A New Anti-Flu Medicine

Grand Prize Winner ~ +17 – 18 Age Group Winner

Eric wanted to prevent recurrence of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that infected 500 million people and killed 90 million people all over the world. With this, he created his experiment “Computer-aided Discovery of Novel Influenza Endonuclease Inhibitors to Combat Flu Pandemic” that enables scientist for faster creation of new type of anti-flu medicine, effective against all influenza viruses including pandemic strains.


Viney Kumar (14 yrs. old) Australia

Project: A Signalling System for Emergency Vehicles

+13 – 14 Age Group Winner

Viney grew as a curious child. He even learnt computer technology and smart board at 8. His project, entitled, “The PART Program”, enables faster corrective action and response rate of Emergency Response Vehicles (EVR) in attending a mission, especially car accidents, but with a lot of traffic to reach the destination.


Elif Bilgin (16 yrs. old) Turkey

Project: Creating Biolastics from Banana Peel

Scientific American Science in Action Winner ~ Voter’s Choice Award Winner

Bio-plastics instead of traditional based plastic, which are toxic and non-biodegrable, is the output of her experiment. Entitled, “Going Bananas!-Using Banana Peels in the Production of Bio-Plastic As A Replacement of the Traditional Petroleum Based Plastic”, her project proved her that science is her calling.


Ann Makosinski (15 yrs. old) Canada

Project: A Battery-Free Flashlight

+15 – 16 Age Group Winner

Young scientist Ann invented “The Hollow Flashlight” which runs solely on the heat of the human blood and lightens up to 5.4 mW at 5 foot candles of brightness. Imagine how science approached her with her first toy being a box of transistors.


Learn more about them in the official Google Science Fair 2013 website.


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